We are excited to announce  Wellness Rewards for Nutrition Counselling clients!

To help you meet your nutrition-related health goals, we offer the following:

New Clients: 20% Off your Initial Assessment appointment

Existing Clients: 25% Off a Follow-Up appointment*

Achieve Optimal Wellness with Holistic Nutrition Counselling 💫

Are you experiencing:
✅ Stubborn weight gain
✅ Bloating
✅ Insatiable Cravings
✅ Emotional Eating
✅ Anxiety or Depression
✅ Irritability
✅ Seasonal Depression
✅ Poor sleep quality/duration
✅ Decreased immunity

If so, Nutrition Counselling can help you:
✨ Manage Weight
✨ Say goodbye to bloating
✨ Satiate cravings
✨ Cope with emotional cravings
✨ Reduce anxious or depressive symptoms
✨ Improve mood
✨ Improve sleep
✨ Improve immune health

At Sunnyside Healing Arts, we are focused on transformative whole-person health. The reciprocal relationship between food and mood and the impact of the gut-brain connection on health is essential to explore for optimal wellness 🥗 🥑 🍋 🥥 🍎 🥝

Did you know that the gut-brain axis influences mood, digestion, immunity and cognition? What, how, when, where, why, quantity and quality of the food we eat influence how we feel, our cognitive state, energy, immune health, digestion and much more 💡

Whether you’re looking to increase energy, boost mood, reduce stress, enhance sleep, improve cognition (bye bye brain fog!) and much more, our Nutritionist, Jennifer, has recipes and meal plans specifically designed and tailored to your unique needs.

“I believe that each person’s journey is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to wellness. I’m excited to embark on this wellness journey with you.” ~ Jennifer Kotwinski, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

If you are interested in transforming your health through Nutrition Counselling, Jennifer is here to answer your questions.

To book a discovery call or Initial Assessment appointment, contact Jennifer at jennifer.k.sha@gmail.com or call (416) 220-1100

* Following the successful referral/completion of a new client Initial Assessment appointment

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