As we ring in a new year, let’s leave pressurizing and disappointing resolutions in 2023.  Instead, try focusing on what your INTENTIONS are for the new year.

Resolutions create significant pressure and tend to end in disappointment and reduced motivation.  The challenge is that resolutions can be too specific and unattainable in the short term.  For those of us who love the gym, January and February can be busy months.  It can be harder to get the machine or class that you want, it’s crowded and even hard to find parking.

That all changes in March, however.  Did you know that the majority of people who make resolutions have abandoned them by mid-March?  All of a sudden, you can get the maching/class you want, parking is easier to find.  Sadly, resolution-makers may be at home criticizing and blaming themselves for not meeting unrealistic goals.

That doesn’t have to be the case!

Intentions, however, are broader in scope, can be checked in on regularly and you can make adjustments when you may find yourself off track.

How do you INTEND to feel this year?  Do you want to feel more energized?  More vibrant?  Do you need to up your self-care?  Be kinder to yourself?  Be more open-minded in an increasing polarized world? Do you want to create and here to healthier routines?  Do you want to have more fun?  Do you intend to be more adventurous?

By setting INTENTIONS, you reduce pressure, increase flexibility to make necessary adjustments and may experience your most transformative year to date!

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