Did you know that the average working person spends approximately 80% of their waking hours at work?
We generally spend more time with our colleagues than we do our friends and loved ones!

When we are not experiencing satisfaction or fulfillment at work, it can impact other areas of our lives, including our relationships, emotional well-being, mental state, energy and more.

One of the things our clients often discuss is the discrepancy between the satisfaction they want to experience and the existential impact it has on their sense of purpose.  While it is amazing to have a strong sense of purpose at work (we love what we do here!), it is possible to derive satisfaction at work without it being a part of our purpose!

Whatever it is we are doing at work, as long as we’re also able to engage in our passions, interests and hobbies, that is a very close second!

To gain more clarity related to work or academic environments, jobs and activities, we offer the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) to our clients.  This career assessment can help to gain clarity related to interests and be pivotal in gaining a clearer sense of direction related to vocational or academic opportunities or potential changes.

The purpose of the SII is to help you determine and match your interests with occupational, educational and leisure pursuits that are compatible with those interests.

The benefit of the SII is to help you make occupational, educational or leisure choices, whether it may relate to changing jobs, changing fields, changing career, changing or choosing educational programs/degrees or pursuing personal interests.

The most important aspect of this assessment is that you are able to determine the accuracy of your results.  Your feedback and questions are welcome and important tools for exploration, clarity and determining direction in the decision-making process.

This assessment is used to help you understand your interests in a general way and to show activities and work where you could be comfortable.  The questions list many jobs, activities, subject areas, and so forth, and you are asked to show your liking or disliking for each.
Your answers will be compared with the answers given by people already working in a wide range of jobs, and your scores will show how similar or dissimilar your interests are to the interests of these people.

Since this is not a test of intelligence or abilities, but an inventory of your interests, your results will be far less useful if you try to imagine which answers will be the most desirable or undesirable.

Think only about whether you would like each item listed and try to give the first answer that comes to mind.

  • Information taken from the Strong Interest Inventory: Research, Development, and Strategies for Interpretation Manual – Revised Edition

Andrea D’Onofrio, Registered Psychotherapist, is certified to administer and interpret the Strong Interest Inventory career assessment.

To book a consultation call to learn more about the career assessment process, please contact us at info@sunnysidehealingarts.com or call (416) 220-1100

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