As the days get darker, shorter and colder, we can often feel the shift mentally, emotionally and physically.  Our outlook may change, our emotional state may feel heavier and our bodies could feel tight, stiff or lacking energy.


Here are our top tips for improving mental, emotional and physical states during this time of year.

Did you know that inflammation can exacerbate depression?  Ensure adequate consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation in the brain and body.

Move your body!  Yes, it’s harder to get motivated and get active outdoors, however lack of movement can create a sense of stuckness and lethargy mentally and physically.  Put on some cozy layers and get outside to enjoy and absorb the sunshine or brightness in the morning or mid-day.  Maximize your opportunities to spend time breathing in revitalizing fresh air and connecting in nature – you may simply have to adjust your timing.

Our food choices generally have to shift in the winter to aid digestion and help absorb all those essential vitamins and nutrients.  Your body may be wanting roasted, baked or sauteed veggies, as opposed to cold or raw veggies.  Properly cooking your food to suit your body’s changing digestive needs will be of great benefit.

Now may not be the time for cold, or even room temperature, liquids.  Listen to your body – it is needing warm water with lemon, a hot herbal tea or something else to help warm you?  Sipping on bone broth or teas can be healthily hydrating and reduce the tension/anxiety generated by forcing your body to eat and drink in ways its just not meant to at this time of year.

Anyone living away from the equator probably requires some vitamin D supplementation.  Low levels of this healthy hormone can contribute to anxiety, depression and lethargy.  Adequate levels generally require supplementation (please ask your doctor to check your vitamin D levels to ensure supplements are necessary – this is not covered by OHIP, but may be the best $30 you spend) but can also be aided by consuming foods such as:  salmon, mackerel, eggs and mushrooms!

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