Managing Blue Monday

Blue Monday is not just an awesome ’80’s tune by New Order, it has gained a reputation as being the most depressing day of the year. Has this impacted you in any way?

It is thought that today elicits a significant amount of sadness for some, as it is a time when post-holiday bills arrive, precious time spent with family and friends has become a memory and a brief holiday from work is now over. Many people experience seasonal mood shifts, which can be influenced by long, dark days.

Do we have to feel blue today? No!  It is important to remind ourselves of the following facts:

  • To deal with seasonal depressive symptoms, it is important to prioritize and engage in activity outside. Increasing time spent in nature, even in the winter, can help increase absorption of Vitamin D, which increases absorption of happy hormones!  Today, in Toronto, we are blessed with unseasonably warm weather that is inviting us outside to connect and ground in nature.
  • Dealing with holiday debt? Why?  Blue Monday presents an opportunity to re-think holiday commercialization and re-prioritize spending goals for next year.  Think about swapping presents for presence and consider the incredible impact that may have in your life.
  • Missing family and friends? Reach out and organize time to connect socially during this snuggly season.  Plan a night of Netflix, a potluck dinner or engagement in a fun winter activity that you enjoy J
  • Feeling uninspired at work? Perhaps this is an indication that there is room to create opportunity and adventure for your career.  Become an employment explorer and consider your options.  What will make your heart sing? What would be more challenging, interesting or a better fit for your skills and interests?  Identifying stuckness in career can inspire change.

There is opportunity in every challenge. Let’s look at blue as a colour, not a mood, and use it to look upwards to the sky and effectively manage this beautiful day.

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  1. Cathy
    January 23, 2017

    Such great advice and beautifully put!

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