In case you missed it, please see below for a link to the video of my lively and informative discussion with awesome astrologer Holly Poole, who provided incredible insight into some of the astrological configurations affecting us in this powerful year of awakening.

Some of the most salient aspects for me were how current astrology relates to conditions after the 1st & 2nd World Wars (we seem currently to be at war with ourselves, our lifestyles, our conflicting belief systems) – a Saturn-Pluto meetup, a really constricting aspect with Mars (hello, anxiety and feeling stuck) and Pluto-Capricorn influencing big business (perhaps highlighting the monopolization and over-reaching authority/influence of big business, government, technology, big food & big pharma).

Plus, a sneak peak into what 2021 has to offer (good news – Saturn starts moving forward today


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