Internal Family Systems (IFS)

What is Internal Family Systems (IFS)?  Internal family systems (IFS) is an individualized approach to psychotherapy that involves accepting and validating all of the various parts of the mind, and their interaction with one another to form a system of self, or family. IFS allows individuals to work towards healing without compromising these various parts

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Welcome To Our Amazing New Therapists!

Welcome Our Amazing New Therapy Interns!
We are thrilled to announce two new additions to our team of caring and compassionate therapists. Hausalya and Douglas are both in the process of completing their clinical training and are offering sessions both online or in-person.

Welcome to our Sacred Healing Space

This healing space has been created to attend to a holistic, integrative, multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness. The space is meant to help you engage in radical self care from the moment you enter. The mandala masterpiece is meant to inspire and create a sense of wonder. The furniture is comfortable in

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