This healing space has been created to attend to a holistic, integrative, multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness. The space is meant to help you engage in radical self care from the moment you enter.

bodywork room

The mandala masterpiece is meant to inspire and create a sense of wonder.

The furniture is comfortable in order for your body to rest and relax.

There is a Creation Station for clients to express their creativity artistically, as art helps us to express our unique selves. There is a carefully curated playlist of music that has helped me on my healing journey and I hope will impact you, also.  The songs have been chosen for meaningful lyrics and moving sounds, as music helps to move energy and emotion through the body.

creation station

There is a Relaxation Station where you are welcome to practice deep breathing by blowing bubbles and simultaneously engaging a sense of joy and playfulness.

relaxation station

The Meditation Station is a place for you to sit in stillness and reflection.

meditation station

The Information Station contains many of the books by holistic wellness warriors that have informed my healing and directed my education and journey.

information station

This environment is meant to soothe, calm, relax and/or motivate you. We want everyone who walks through the door to feel special, because you are.

To your health, healing & magnificent transformation!

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