We hear you and are here to help.

Due to the dramatic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and social isolation on emotional well-being, we have developed a group therapy program just for you.

Introducing Alone, Together – an intimate 6 week group therapy program designed to connect you with others in similar circumstances.  You will have the opportunity to create new connections, work through the challenges you have faced related to social isolation and discomfort at a time of year that can already be demanding on emotional health.  Our therapists, Jessica Bloom RP(Q) and Keritha Andrews, will support you on this healing journey. 

Together, you will learn effective ways to cope with loneliness, isolation, the effects of winter on emotional well-being and identify ways to create comfort, safety, connection, pleasure and coziness.

Alone, Together begins on Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 2021 from 6-7.30pm and runs for 6 weeks.

To reserve your spot, please email: info@sunnysidehealingarts.com

Please note that this group is psychoeducational in nature and is not a replacement for those requiring individual therapy, experiencing severe psychological symptoms or suicidal ideation.   

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