The Real ‘F’ Word: Fear


Fear…  It can stop us in our paths, prevent us from going after what we want and creates stagnation.  In this video, I use a personal example to demonstrate how fear shows up, how I’m working with it to avoid ‘stuckness’ and become productive.  Fear is false.  A bit of anxiety can be healthy, as it can alert us to potential danger.  Too much fear, however, can become disabling and prevents us from living purposefully, passionately and happily.

We can work with this!  The more we resist against it, the more intense it gets.  How about working through fear?  Fear can actually be helpful, as it can let us know that we’re on the right path.  We’re trying something new, putting ourselves out there, challenging ourselves, being vulnerable and allowing ourselves to be truly seen.  When we work with fear, we are using strength, courage, determination and are acting with authenticity.  The choice is ours – are we going to be fearful or fierce?!

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