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Ben Nunes

“You are valuable just because you exist.  Not because of what you do or what you have done, but simply because you are” – Max Lucado

Practice Coordinator (Volunteer)

Tel : (416) 220-1100

It can be easy to define our value by our experiences and the circumstances surrounding us. Our successes, failures, and how we compare to people around us. This can be both defeating and exhausting. And beyond that, it is inherently untrue. You are not what you have done, but who you are. And you deserve to be loved and valued simply because of that.

I believe that therapy can be an excellent place to connect to your inner-self and learn to know that you are enough. As a client-care coordinator, I aim to help you feel that right when you enter the door. I am a recent graduate with a bachelor’s in psychology and business, pursuing a career as a registered psychotherapist. I hope to use all that I have learned so far to make sure that the space is inviting and comfortable for you before your session. Please never be afraid to ask me any questions or simply say hi.