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Olivia Battista

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” ~ David Richo
Client Care Co-ordinator
Tel : (416) 220-1100

Throughout our lives we experience many highs and lows which leads some to seek therapy. I am here to offer you a non-judgemental, warm and friendly face prior to your session. As a student who is completing her undergraduate degree in psychology, I will use my knowledge and understanding of the importance of seeking help to make you feel comfortable whenever you visit by practicing compassion and empathy for everyone.

Healing the mind, body and soul is an important part of life, and implementing a holistic healing approach is a useful tool for this. As a Level One Reiki holder, I understand the significance of holistic healing and the importance of energy. I will use this information to ensure a kind and welcoming energy will you are waiting for your session to begin.