Integrative Wellness Counselling

Integrative Wellness Counselling is a unique synthesis of Health Coaching and Holistic Counselling. This functional approach simplifies the journey towards transformed mind-body health.  It is designed to guide clients towards vibrant health, increased energy and vitality through meaningful changes in nutrition and lifestyle.  When one system in the body is out of balance, it affects the balance of every other system.

Emotional inflammation can lead to physical inflammation, which is at the root of most chronic autoimmune diseases.  Disrupted hormonal balance can influence physical and emotional health symptoms.  With just one negative, harsh or critical thought, we can create emotional, physical or hormonal dis-ease.  The food and drinks we consume can feed illness or facilitate wellness.  Lifestyle choices can result in satisfaction and fulfillment (relaxation response) or stress and overwhelm (stress response).

Creating balance in one system can enhance the body’s ability to achieve balance in all other systems.  These improvements are essential to bring the autonomic nervous system (ANS) out of the toxic stress response (illness) and into the relaxation response (vibrant health!), which restores health, hope and happiness.

Integrative Wellness Counsellors are holistic health authorities and supportive mentors who guide clients in their efforts to achieve optimal health. Clients report feeling energetic, vibrant, rejuvenated, passionate and joyful upon program completion.

Positive outcomes are achieved through careful assessment, conceptualization and treatment plans that are designed to meet each client’s individual needs. Instead of prescribing one diet or exercise program, bio-individuality is highly valued and informs creation of wellness programs to meet your specific needs.

12 bi-weekly sessions are recommended, as it takes the body approximately that amount of time to process, assimilate and adjust to changes in nutrition, lifestyle and emotional health. Sessions cost $150 and are covered by most extended healthcare plans.

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