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For some, healing is a static and stable state of health. For many others, it exists on a continuum and becomes a journey through peaks and valleys.  The healing journey is significantly guided by energy.  Traditional medicine has proven the influence of mind over health through the phenomenon of the placebo effect.  The placebo effect occurs when patients receiving inactive medication in clinical trials achieve the same positive healing results as those receiving the actual active medication.  Thinking positively greatly enhances the body’s ability to heal.  Focusing on the symptoms of illness similarly decreases the body’s resistance to illness and infection and decreases resilience.  This exacerbates symptoms and delays healing.

One of the aspects of health and healing that has significantly impacted my practice is that the body wants to heal itself.  Spiritually, energetically and existentially, people do not want to live in a state of illness.  This does not justify, complement or synchronize with our soul purpose or our worth and deserving as beings.  Reiki and other energetic healing modalities identify the connection between the states of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Belief in a benevolent god or universe reinforces the value of health to effectively fulfill our life’s purpose.  Fascination with and adherence to old stories, memories and symptoms influences the manifestation and chronic nature of many physical symptoms of illness.  With every healing session, I am continually amazed by and impressed with my clients’ ability to free themselves from emotional and/or physical pain as they actively or passively balance their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies energetically.

Positivity and gratitude are two of the most powerful healing forces.  Maintaining a positive attitude, which can be very challenging in the midst of an illness, really does promote healing.  Gratitude, in any and every form, joins forces with positivity and creates an abundance of good health.  While on your healing journey, even in the most challenging times, identifying and being grateful for the aspects of health and life that are good creates abundance.  Conversely, becoming fixated on uncomfortable feelings, aches and pains creates abundance of the unpleasant symptoms we most want to heal.

In her book The Magic, Rhonda Byrne expertly identified the importance of gratitude and its extraordinary effects on health and healing.  After reading the book and adhering to its principles, I was amazed by the results in my life, particularly around the incredible changes in my health.  I incorporated gratitude into my practice and apply it when working with clients to clear blocks, balance energy and increase resilience.  Positivity and gratitude are amazing in their simplicity and incredible in their elegance.  These tools are available to everyone all of the time.  Deciding to put them to use in our healing journey is our choice.

The vital and exciting energy of this spring is increasing and offers support to propel us into improved health and happiness. When you feel low about an aspect of your health or life, find gratitude for the aspects that are working well.  When you feel wonderful, take the time to appreciate it and feel the momentum increase.  The energy of health and healing is available to those who choose it, so choose well!

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